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What do I do with duplicate booking requests?

As a sitter, you may occasionally get duplicate requests from the same pet owner. Here's what to do:

  • Respond to all requests in the order that they were received—even duplicates. This is because your sitter profile may automatically set you to away if you don't reply to a request within 72 hours. It also means you won't be visible in search while you're marked as away.

  • Once you’ve responded, you can archive messages to remove them from your inbox. Here's how:
    1. Navigate to your Inbox and select Pending Requests.
    2. Locate the duplicate request and select Archive.
    3. Select a reason from the dropdown menu for why you were unable to book with this owner, then select Save.
    4. The request will then be moved to the Archived Requests tab. You can undo this action by selecting Undo.

Note: Rover will also send you reminders to reply to these requests and ensure that your calendar is accurate.

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