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What's the difference between pet feedback and pet notes?

Pet feedback helps other sitters better understand the needs and behaviours of a pet, and it can help determine whether they’re a good fit before accepting a request. You have the option to leave feedback about a pet after each booking through a structured form. To learn more about pet feedback, visit this article.

Pet notes are a great resource for sitters who want to keep a record of information about a pet that they can reference later. Pet notes are only available to you, and you can reference them at any time from the pet's profile.

How to leave feedback

  1. Open the booking from the Past Stays section of your inbox.
    Note: If you're leaving feedback for a recurring service, visit the Upcoming Stays section.
  2. Select Leave feedback.
  3. Fill out feedback forms for the pet and/or the pet parent, then select Save and Continue.
  4. Depending on your responses, you might see an option to fill out additional feedback for Rover.

How to add and view pet notes 

Note: You'll need to use a computer or mobile browser to manage pet notes. 

  1. Open the booking for the pet you’d like to leave notes for.
  2. On the left side of the screen, select the pet profile located under the owner's name.
  3. Select Edit notes to update your notes. When finished, select Save notes.
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