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How do I add, edit or remove a pet profile?

Pet profiles allow you to provide vital care information to your sitter, like vet contact information, daily care instructions, and your pet's habits. This is the best way to ensure that your pet has a safe and happy time while you're away. Make sure you completely fill out your pet's profile to set your sitter up for success during the stay.


Create a new pet profile

The more details you provide in your pet's profile, the better. This helps your sitter or walker understand your pet's needs before and during their time together.




Buddy sometimes has a hard time when I’m away.

Detailed Buddy has separation anxiety, however, his antianxiety wrap helps to calm him.


Here's how to create a new pet profile:

Rover app

  1. At the bottom of the app, tap Your Pets. 


  2. Tap Add a Pet.


  3. Include a photo of your pet, then fill out each of the sections (Pet DetailsAdditional InfoCare Info, and Veterinary Info).

  4. Tap Save when finished.



    1. Once signed in, select your name in the upper right corner of the screen, then select Your pets in the dropdown menu.

    2. Select Add pet.


    3. Fill out each section.
    4. Select Save pet


Edit a pet profile

1. From your Rover account, select Your pets from the dropdown menu.

2. Select Edit next to your pet’s name.

3. Select Save


Delete a pet profile

  • If your pet has recently passed away and you'd like to memorialize their profile, visit this article.

  • To delete a profile, scroll to the bottom of the profile and select Remove or memorialise this profile.


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